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Teach your dog how to enter the pet cage

Teach your dog how to enter the pet cage

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-12-09 15:30

Teach your dog how to enter the pet cage

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-12-09 15:30

The cage is a must-have equipment for many people who keep pets dogs, saving a lot of energy for the host, and it is also a private space exclusively for dogs. Not only that, the pet cage can also help you regulate your dog's behavior, help them learn to discipline themselves, and become obedient dogs. But not all dogs will enter the cage obediently, so it is necessary to train the pet dog to enter the cage obediently.
In fact, teaching your dogs to enter the cage is very simple. The principle is to make them want to enter the cage instead of forcibly stuffing them into the cage and then locking the door. This can only make the dog feel disgusted with the cage. Being locked in a cage creates anxiety. How to teach pet dogs to enter the cage:
   1. Bring your dog to the cage, put the molar toy filled with dog food in the cage, and lock the cage.

  2. Keep your dog outside the cage without giving it any other food until the dog shows a strong desire to enter the cage.

   3. Open the cage and let the dog eat the food in the molar toy.

  4. After the dog is familiar with the procedure of getting in and out of the cage, tell it to "wait" and gently close the cage door.
   5. If the dog stays quietly in the cage, reward it and feed it well. If it catches chaos in the cage, it must be severely reprimanded.
   After persisting in training for a period of time, when the dog's resistance to the pet cage is eliminated, it becomes its private domain. Not only does it not hate the cage, but it will regard the cage as its own treasure. The effect of this training method is still very good.
Training taboo: Don't punish him with a cage. If you keep the dog in the cage when he makes some mistakes, he will imagine the cage as a bad place.


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