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Is it feasible to train dogs in a pet cage

Is it feasible to train dogs in a pet cage

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-12-09 16:08

Is it feasible to train dogs in a pet cage

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-12-09 16:08

To many people, the dog cage looks like a prison, but for those dogs who have been trained in the cage since they were young, the dog cage is their home and typhoon shelter. The cage should be a comfortable place. Don't keep the dog in the cage for no reason. They will regard it as punishment. (Why are there many dogs that cannot adapt to the owner's command, because whether the paparazzi can come out or not, it is also regarded as a punishment.

    That being the case, when they come out, they will reveal the chaos, although they know they will be punished, the big deal is just being locked in a cage. ) If you have time to refer to some foreign dog-raising books, it is also highly recommended to start training in cages during the puppy period. Before starting the training in the cage, put a soft cushion in the cage, put a water bottle, some fun toys and bones that can be bitten, and the cage door must be opened. Order the paparazzi into the cage, and then lure it into its new nest with delicious biscuits.

    The cage door must be open so that the puppy can come out at any time. Once the puppy gets used to the dragon, it will go in on its own without your urging. When the puppy can play vigorously in the cage, close the cage door for a few minutes. But keep the dog cage in a lively place at home, such as the kitchen. The puppy fell asleep in a safe dog cage after relaxing. A puppy trained in a cage must not be kept in a cage for more than two hours during the day (unless it is compelling, but the puppy will be released as soon as she gets home from work). After getting used to the dog cage, the puppy is willing to stay in the playpen. Some dogs cannot tolerate the small space of the dog cage, but this kind of problem is less likely to occur if it is a puppy.


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