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How to maintain pet boarding cages

How to maintain pet boarding cages

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-12-09 15:27

How to maintain pet boarding cages

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-12-09 15:27

1. Clean the cage. Don't rush to oil your newly bought pet boarding cage, first clean the inside and out of the bird cage. First use a soft brush to remove the floating ash from the cage, and then wipe the cage with a cotton cloth sticked with water. Remember that the cotton cloth is just damp, and don't stick to too much water. After wiping, place in a cool place to dry.

2. Polishing. Smooth the burrs on the cage. Use sandpaper to polish carefully to ensure that no other injuries are left on the cage. After polishing, cover the cage cloth upside down and place it in a cool place (not at the vents) for a week to allow the cage to adapt to the environmental humidity.

3. Put on the first oil. Dip a cotton cloth with silicone oil and apply lightly on the outside of the cage, so that the whole cage (except the bottom) is coated with a layer of silicone oil. The thickness of the silicone oil shall be applied to the cage without dripping. Spread a little more on the big circle. After application, put it on a large plastic bag and put it in a cool place. This is very important, mainly to prevent dust from sticking to the cage. After being left for a week, the bamboo can basically drink the first oil. Take out the cage after a week and use suede handles

Wipe clean the inside and outside of the cage, and then slowly pan twice a day, half an hour each time, for a week. 4. Apply the second oil. Then apply a second coat of oil. For the second coat, just apply some oil on a few circles, without rubbing oil on the bamboo strips. The method of oiling is the same as above. After applying the oil, still cover it with a plastic bag and place it in a cool place for a week. Then follow the above method for another week.

5. Put on the first wax. Take out the wax you have made yourself and apply a little cotton cloth to the outside surface of the cage. Apply a thin layer, not too much, and apply it evenly. Both the circle and the bamboo strips should be coated, and then they should be placed in a plastic bag for 20 days. Then take out the cage and wipe off the solid wax on the cage (especially between the bamboo strips) with a cotton cloth. The surface of the cage still has wax that is sticky to the touch, but don't care about it as long as it is not clumpy. After applying this wax, don't rush the pan, just apply the third wax. 6. Put on the third oil. Just like the first oil, spread all over the cage. Then put it in a plastic bag and leave it for two weeks. Then use a cotton cloth to wipe clean the remaining oil and wax inside and outside the cage, and then use the previous method for 20 days.

7. Put on the second wax. The method is the same as the first wax. After applying it, let it stand for two weeks, take it out and wipe it clean, and use a suede plate for a month. The cage wiped out by the above procedure basically has a patina when the third oil is plated. After all is completed, the surface of the cage is bright and clean, with a slight red glow. When the cage is in use, it is oiled every quarter, and a wax is applied half a year, and it is plated for a while every day when there is nothing wrong with it.

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