Q: What makes our dog crates ideal for professional breeders and pet owners?

A: Homey Pet dog crates are durable, secure, and convenient. They feature heavy-duty metal construction that is resistant to chewing, an anti-rust coating, and a safe locking system. The 360° lockable wheels and stackable design offer mobility and space efficiency, allowing even heavy crates to move easily. Additionally, our crates can be connected to expand the play area, providing more stability and creating a larger space, ideal for breeders and kennels.


Q: How can pet owners ensure they choose the right size cage for their dog?

A: To select the right size cage for your dog, start by measuring your pet from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, and from the top of their head to the ground. Add 4 inches to these measurements to determine the appropriate length and height of the crate. It's crucial to ensure that your dog can comfortably stand, turn around, and lie down inside the crate. If you're unsure, it's best to choose a slightly larger size to ensure your pet's comfort.


Q: What should I do if I have issues with the crate?

A: Homey Pet offers a one-year warranty on all dog crates. If you encounter any issues, please contact our dedicated customer support team. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to resolving any problems promptly to ensure your pet's well-being.


Q: Are these crates sturdy?

A: Yes, our crates are designed for maximum security and durability. They feature various lock types, including automatic, crescent, and sliding locks, with more locks on larger crates to ensure a secure anti-escape system. Made with thickened wires and iron tubes, our wire crates are very difficult to chew through. The high-quality metal materials and durable structure have undergone rigorous testing to withstand daily activities and play. 


Q: How easy is it to assemble the Homey Pet dog crate?

A: Homey Pet dog crates are designed for easy assembly with detailed instructions and YouTube video guides. Most models require no special tools, with necessary tools included. Simply follow the manual to complete the setup. Our foldable models come pre-assembled and can be set up in under five minutes.


Q: What are the differences between plastic and metal grid floors? How should I choose?

A: Our dog crates come with either plastic or metal grid floors, each offering unique benefits:
Plastic Grid Floor: Comfortable and gentle on your dog's paws, ideal for puppies or dogs with sensitive paws. It is also durable and provides a cozy surface.
Metal Grid Floor: Easy to clean, rust-resistant, and designed with small grid spacing to ensure paw safety. Highly durable and ideal for maintaining hygiene.
Both types are safe and long-lasting. Choose based on your dog's needs and your personal preference.


Q: What is the difference between a foldable dog crate and a regular dog crate?

A: The foldable dog crate can be quickly assembled, unlike a regular crate that requires piece-by-piece assembly. Foldable crates are slightly smaller, save space, and are ideal for travel and moving. They can be easily folded and placed in the trunk for quick installation.


Q: Are the dog crates easy to move around the house?

A: Yes, some dog crates feature 360° rotatable and lockable caster wheels, making it easy to move and securely position them anywhere in your home. This design ensures flexibility and convenience for both professional breeders and pet owners, and is especially beneficial for larger, heavier crates and stackable units.


Q: Can the Homey Pet Dog Crate be used outdoors?

A: While primarily designed for indoor use, the Homey Pet Dog Crate's durable construction with an anti-rust hammer spray coating allows for occasional outdoor use. However, to prolong its lifespan, it's recommended to keep the crate sheltered from extreme weather conditions.


Q: Are the cages easy to clean?

A: Yes, our dog crates feature removable, leak-proof trays and pet-friendly floor grids that efficiently capture waste, hair, and food debris. Made from durable ABS plastic, the trays withstand frequent cleaning. The leak-proof design ensures a clean, hygienic environment, making our crates ideal for pet owners who prioritize cleanliness and convenience.